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FCM was awarded over £15,000 by the Economist Charitable Trust to launch the FCM Hub, a series of training workshops bringing together local NGOs, orphanage child-carers and the young adults in their care.

University Student Volunteering
FCM organises groups of Burmese university students to spend time at children's centres with the help of UNICEF-trained childcare professionals. To date they have visited some 80 children's centres in and around Yangon spanning local hospitals, orphanages, and monasteries, and making small donations of food, money, stationery, mosquito nets and other basic necessities along the way.

Sustainable Agricultural Project
In early 2007, FCM was granted over £3,000 by the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program. The grant was used to buy and develop a small plot of land for an orphanage in the suburbs of Yangon.
The land bought by FCM has been used to grow vegetables and house two sows, with basic accommodation built for an on-site guard. By selling the piglets, it is hoped this will guarantee the orphanage an annual income of at least £500. To see what impact this money will have, please visit our Fundraising page.
You can see photos of this project on our Gallery page.

Vocational training
Childcare homes generally can only provide a very basic education, which makes it difficult for children to survive once they leave the homes. Several young adults were able to learn sewing and tailoring, baking and basic mechanics through FCM sponsored training. Two groups have already set up their own tailor shop and bakery, with start-up funds and business training provided by FCM. The income from tailoring creates enough income to support basic expenses for the entire orphanage. Both businesses have committed to train other young adults who grew up in childcare homes.

Socialising events
FCM organises trips and social activities to give children a break from their daily routines and their environment. These events are coordinated between childcare homes of different ethnic or religious denomination, allowing children a rare opportunity to socialise with others. FCM also hosted a joint talent show and handicraft workshops in the past. Social contact with other children and artistic expression are both important towards children's emotional health and happiness.

One-off projects: classroom funding
FCM is working closely with a monastery that was desperate for a classroom and teachers. The monastery lies in the outskirts of Yangon and provides education to over 200 children. One third of these children are orphans, mainly from Shan State, where the decades-long violence forced them and their families to flee. Some have been abandoned or sent to Yangon to avoid drafts by the local militias. Others have been sent to Yangon with nowhere to return, their parents hoping that they may find a better life elsewhere. The remaining students come from the local community. Their families are too poor to afford formal education. Teaching so many children of different ages has proven to be challenging, so the childcare centre requested US$ 2,400 help to build new classrooms and hire new teachers. FCM successfully raised the money through private donations.


Below are the activities we are currently fundraising for. To see how your donation could make a difference to each of these activities, please visit our Fundraising page.

Some inspiration

One of the orphanages that FCM supports is widely considered to be one of the best-run in Yangon. Children are split into groups of five or six children, and each group of 'siblings' has their own individual carer or 'Mum.' Carers have all been UNICEF-trained, and children are encouraged to take part in cooking meals, shopping, and organising group activities. The orphanage runs a small neighbourhood shop, encouraging children to interact and integrate into the local community. FCM would like to help more childcare homes emulate this example through staff training and support, resulting in happier, more confident children. We are organising on-site seminars, bringing child carers to the orphanage and build a support-network among the different homes.

Basic necessities for childcare centres
With the costs of living rising constantly, basic necessities have become expensive. FCM regularly donates items such as rice, mosquito nets, stationery, books, school bags, umbrellas, and toiletries to children's centres that otherwise struggle to provide these.